a Registered
Fraud Auditor


The Masterclass Fraud Auditing (MCFA) is a Post-Master Executive Program, hosted by the Institute of Fraud Auditors (IFA). 

Across 26 modules, offered by key experts and presented through business cases, the participants will obtain the skills and knowledge required to become effective fraud auditors, by gaining insights in topics such as fraud risk management, fraud prevention, fraud investigation, interviewing techniques, cybercrime and much more. 

Upon completion of the course, the participants will be eligible to obtain the title of Registered Fraud Auditor (RFA). The RFA-title is granted by the Institute of Fraud Auditors via an independent procedure.

Registered Fraud Auditor is the quality label for Fraud Auditors in Belgium.


    Corporate sector: risk, compliance, internal audit, external audit, inspection, controlling, etc.

    Public sector: internal & external audit, inspection services, audit office, ombudsman, police, federal agencies, central bank, regulators, all competent authorities, etc.

    Academia: PhD researchers in the areas of criminology, law, accountancy, tax, economics, IT, psychology, etc.

  • When

    The MCFA-program consists of 26 workshops of 3 hours, taking place on 13 mondays from September 2024 to January 2025 from 13:30-16:45 and 17:30-20:45.

    A minimum of 22 out of 26 workshops must be attended to receive the Participation Certificate.

    The Masterclass will be done in English.



Venue: VBO – FEB, Rue Ravenstein 4, 1000 Brussels.

Tuition Fee: € 4,500 (VAT-included) covering documentation, drinks and snacks.

10% discount for early bird (registrations until 30/6/2024) and IFA members